Monday, September 19, 2011


This is my first September post.
That is a little lazy to post them up.
Facebook has become my ''main course''.

Let me introduce a latest gadget that I will have it very soon.
That is Samsung GALAXY Tab WiFI
That is because i have register Unifi package, so now they having a offer for Samsung Tab only RM799.
So i just grab it. XD

I am so excited, but I still have to wait may be a month.
Then only i get it.

I don't want October.
October is a examination month.

Examination is coming very soon.
I still have one week plus 3 days to do my revision.
And teachers are also have only 8 days to complete the sub topic that will come out in the exam paper.
Seriously, I haven't start my revision.
Can I skip?!

I have a shopping mood, but I can't shop.

Be Optimism, just like me. ;)

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