Sunday, May 17, 2009

exam ; i hate u

XiaoKhai aka Albert hate exam ;

bm1 is not very difficult larh ;
but bm2 make me wanna to die ;

bm1- ;
i feel ok ;
weixin say i very early do the paper finish ;
weixin say i what pro what pro, her head la ;
but many i not comfirm larh ;

this time all are guailui & guaizai ;
[actually i m also a guailui]
no ppl ask-ing ;
no ppl ans-ing ;
quiet quiet quiet ;

bm2- ;
i hate bm2 ;
hate hate hate ;
ringkasan less word ;
pemahaman some dunno ;
bahagian B dunno how to do ;
bahagian C also dunno how, i do randomly ;
bahagian D i know i know, xixi =] ;
bm2 haizzz... ;

i hate i hate i hate ;
i hate exam ;

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