Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello girls!
A new day again! Hi July!

Do you see the tittle?
I am a top fans, the best supporter!
Who's supporter?!
That is the brand new dancer- ROCKATEENS!

Rockateens is a brand new group in my school.
They are not a publicity group at now on, but soon they will be the top star.
They are in training now.
They train so diligently, just for a purpose.

Tomorrow, the whole school will know who are they!
The Rockateens.
They have a showcase tomorrow.
Besides that, another awesome group.
That is DC Angle.

Tomorrow, i will go Leisure Mall to buy some material to do the support card.
I will hanging up the card when they are starting the competition.
I don't care, who is the winner.
But, they are the best!

I think i have to think a 口号, so i can shout at the competition.
I am crazy. That call a top fans, a FANATIC.

9th of July.

For the purpose, for going to Disney, you all must try the best. Be confident!

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