Saturday, September 6, 2008

✖have anything can help to make me stop love-ing he✖

i hate myself bcoz i love him
i can't put down him
u will say me very silly
i won't hurt myself
i won't
bcoz i no silly at all
i hate my life
damn hate
y i wan to love a person who don't love me
i wan 2 stop this feel
but i can't
is already 2 month
but i can't put away him
how can i do
pls tell me
i try n try many time
but i will think about him
if i don't have a heart
i won't so hurt n sad
but i can't take my heart out
i will die
sometime ~
i think if i die all thing gon
so i can forget about him
but how about my friend
if i die, they will sad anot?
or they will happy?
bcoz they less a troublemaker
plz tell me
how 2 forget about him
forget his face, his thing, all bout him
i juz wan 2 forget 1 person
is tis so dificent
or take my brain out
then i won't think-ing about him again
how can i forget him?
pls tell me
can u?

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